Perspectives and Theory of Material Management


  • Opuwari, Precious U


The joy of economic prosperity and utility derivation are stemmed from total utilization of raw material both rom organic and non-organic substance from its natural formation. These substance formed as the basic material used by organization in their productive activity for the satisfaction of societal need, such as industrial and construction use, commercial and consumption purpose, and service rendition, to mention a few. Therefore human activities can in no way be separated from with the use of material, neither do that of an organization. Due to the increasing demand and use of material, immerse pressure is been put on the available natural resources as endowed in different geographical locations and territories all over the world, leading to a high level of industrial revolution in the extraction of these resources for different uses as intended. Specifically, everything that are used and enjoyed by human are made out of natural resources called material today, so it formed as a total package for human livelihood for existence.




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