• Matilda Ilasin Briggs


The issue of employee performance has been of serious concern to organisations in spite of widespread clamour of handling it. However, there is growing evidence to demonstrate that this problem is not far from the fact that managers only see employees as a means towards goal achievement of an organisation instead of part and parcel of it. A good leadership style with intention of an excellent employee performance will invariably turn the fortunes of an organisation around. The purpose of this work was to determine the impact of democratic leadership on employee performance. It related collaborative decision-making and participation and skill sharing dimensions of democratic leadership style to employee performance based on review of scholarly works on the subject matter. The review shows that collaborative decision-making has impact on employee performance and that participation and skill sharing also has impact on employee performance, hence, should be adopted by leaders. The study also reveals that there is no best leadership style for every situation; hence, leaders should adopt appropriate style for each peculiar situation.




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