• Barr. Bernard Nwekeala, Ph.D
  • Dick, Diepriye I.J. Ph.D


Marketing, strategies, contribution to nation’s development


This study examined marketing strategies that have contributed to nation’s development. Through literature review methodology, it was revealed that nations have made several marketing choices that have leap frogged their economies and social well-being of the countries and the citizens. Destination marketing strategy or tourism marketing strategy is used by some countries, marketing the brand personality of the nations, tourism and hospitality products. The country of Srilanka, Rwanda and Dubai leverages this strategy to improve their gross domestic products, create employment, attract foreign exchange receipts and improve the living standards of their citizenry. Foreign direct investment strategy as a dimension of international marketing strategies is used by some nations notably, the industrialized countries like, America, UK, China etc. The impact of this strategy is to create mutual development between the holding company3ation and the host countries. A nation creating different kinds of strategic business units, which is a product-market diversification strategy is seen to have enhanced nation’s development. Instead of concentrating on a mono- cultural marketing strategy, Dubai used this strategy to diversify its economy away from oil, shielding the nation from global recession, impacting national income positively, expanding foreign exchange receipts, and improving living standards. This contrast with Nigeria with similar natural endowments. Transportation and place management strategy also enhances nation’s development. New Zealand national transportation strategy is seen to have improved the nation’s economy through job creation, improvement of living standard and contribution to the gross national income of the country. The contribution of marketing strategies to nation’s development cannot be overemphasized. Whatever strategy a nation deploys for its development revolves around marketing strategy, nation’s development is largely anchored on marketing choices. It is therefore recommended that, the Nigerian government and its agencies should develop marketing strategies around its sectoral systems, operationalize these strategies, this will significantly improve the nations growth and development.




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