• Dick, Diepriye I.J. Ph.D
  • Barr. Bernard Nwekeala, Ph.D


Globalization, Nigeria, environmental issues


This study investigated the relationship between globalization and Nigeria’s environmental issues. Through literature methodology, it was revealed that globalization is the integration of political, economic and socio-cultural systems of the world economies and the free movement of factors of production from one nation to another. This is made possible through international marketing and trade liberalization. Globalization comes with some attendant advantages; free trade, foreign exchange earnings, employment, GDP growth and improvement of living standard. Others are bilateral and multilateral improvement of relationships among nations etc. The drawbacks of globalization include, Nigeria weak global competitiveness as she depends on primary commodities for exchanges at the global market. Nigeria as heaven for e-waste dumping and environmental challenges. Environmental issues are challenges facing the Nigerian ecological system. These challenges range from pollution, desertification, flowing, warming and ozone depletion. Globalization has given opportunities for multinational companies operating in the oil and gas industry, importers of finished goods, forest processing companies etc to take advantage of the natural resources of our land. While they milk the resources of Nigeria, they expose the community and the environment to a deplorable state. Thus, globalization causes serious environmental pollution, warming, ozone layer depletion and flooding to Nigeria. It is recommended that, the Nigerian government should put policies in place. Environmental protection laws, policies and regulation should be made to control the MNC’s strict legislation should be made to ban importation of hazardous e-waste to protect the environment and our natural resources.




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