• Dr. Victor Barinua
  • Nwambu Gabriel Chibuzor
  • Onyemaobi Paschal Ibembanaso
  • Nwabueze Nnadozie


Fifth Generation Technology (5G). 5G Adoption in Business Organization.


Here, we have tried to captured extensively the advantages accruable to business organizations as a result of the adoption of the fifth Generation Technology (5G).The world have witnessed the evolution of Generation Technology over the years. Ironically, in all the Generation Technology, the 5G Technology has proved to be more impactful to business organizations as well as the human existence as the 5G Technology. It is pertinent to note that in the applications of the Artificial Intelligence (AI), in surveillance, in automations, education, film making, communication, health care delivery, etc lapses and breakdowns associated with the use of 4G and other technologies before the advent of the 5G is completely eradicated. Scarce means and resources is conserved effectively as a result of the adoption of the 5G Technology. It is also pertinent to note that the 5G Technology has also got some challenges, some impediments which critics have leveraged to underscore the adoption of 5G Technology. These includes religious bias, economic and socio- cultural factors. However, the advantages on the application and use of the 5G technology is much more than any disadvantage highlighted by critics. Adoption of 5G technology will reduce cost of doing business and thus increase profitability. The adoption of the 5G Technology by business organizations is more cost effective, it reduces time of doing business and it is our tomorrow. Our study therefore centres on the pertinent and imperative need to dissuade all fears and for every business organization that intends to thrive progressively to embrace the adoption of the 5G Technology.




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Barinua, D. V. ., Gabriel Chibuzor, N. ., Paschal Ibembanaso , O. ., & Nnadozie, N. . (2023). THE 5G (5TH GENERATION) ADOPTION IN BUSINESS ORGANISATION. BW Academic Journal, 8. Retrieved from

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